About Charter School Associates

Who is CSA

Charter School Associates (CSA) develops and operates successful K-12 charter schools in multiple counties across Florida including Miami-Dade, Broward, Hillsborough, Pinellas, Brevard and Glades. CSA has, since 2003, developed dozens of schools ranging in size from as few as 35 students for Goodwill Industries of SW Florida to 1,150 students for the Charter School at Waterstone. CSA schools are performance-based centers of learning and teaching characterized by a challenging curriculum, highly qualified teachers and rigorous accountability to parents, students, state and district authorities. CSA provides full oversight and management solutions for new charter school projects including application development, site development, curriculum development, staff development, assessment and data analysis, payroll, personnel & employee benefits management and financial services.

Charter School Associates is one of the few education management organizations nationally to be awarded the status of System Accreditation through Cognia. The benefit of CSA’s System Accreditation is the immediate accreditation of those schools operating under the company’s management umbrella. Cognia accreditation enables each CSA member charter school to receive capital outlay funds from the State of Florida and the accredited status communicates to the public that the systems and policies of the school are rigorously and periodically reviewed for quality performance.

"Our goal is to assist the school so that the education of students is the first priority!"
Mike Strader, CSA President

CSA Family of Schools

Advantage Academy of Hillsborough Science

CSA Services

CSA offers a variery of services.

How to Begin

  • Application Development
  • Charter Negotiation
  • Site or Facility Selection/Review
  • Lease Negotiations, if applicable

School Opening Planning/Development

  • Marketing and Recruitment of Students
  • Interview and Assist with Hiring of the School's Principal
  • Access to Viable Employee Candidates for all School Staff
  • Implementation of Curriculum and School Design
  • Selection and Ordering of Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment

Operations and Management Services

  • Governance Training
  • On-going Professional Development
  • Curriculum Support
  • Budget Support and Oversight
  • Technical Assistance
  • Operational Support