Takes a Hand. Opens a Mind. Shapes a Future.

At Charter School Associates, we're always on the lookout for outstanding teachers and leaders who believe that every child can excel and who have the passion and drive to make that belief a reality.

We're looking for people who have incredibly high standards and who will do whatever it takes to work with amazing students in some of the best schools around and to stop at nothing to help them achieve greatness.

Charter School Associates is a growing network of public charter schools in Florida.

Top Ten Reasons to Join CSA

  1. We create a positive environment.
  2. We cultivate lifelong learning.
  3. We pursue continuous improvement through effective feedback.
  4. We believe it's more than just a job.
  5. We are a family.
  6. We further your education.
  7. We give you the opportunity to make an impact.
  8. We are growing.
  9. We endeavor to do what is right.
  10. We strive to be truthful.