Grievance Procedures


In some circumstances there may be a disagreement between parents, students and staff. If such a disagreement occurs please follow the guidelines listed below so the situation may satisfactorily resolved.

Think carefully about the situation; talk with your child to make sure you have all of the important information. Please remember there are two sides to every story.

  • Please seek to resolve the situation with the teacher, if applicable. He/she should be your first line of communication. Keep those lines open and friendly.
  • If the situation cannot be resolved with the teacher, please contact the school administration via appointment.
  • If the situation is not resolved satisfactorily with the administration and/or the teacher, parents may complete the Grievance Form to be forwarded to the Sr. Vice President of Development at Charter School Associates.  Please allow administration to respond within three business days.
  • In the event the situation is still not resolved the parent/guardian may make a formal, written request to appear at a regularly scheduled Governing Board meeting.



(e.g parent/guardian of student attending school)​
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With whom have you conferred to resolve the matter?
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