via CSA RISE Innovative Learning Plan
5 days a week, full-day of instruction, following district calendar

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Health and Safety

  • Recommended for medically vulnerable students or those with vulnerable family members
  • Continued contact with peers and teachers through Innovative Learning online platform
  • Avoids additional transition to unfamiliar setting and/or platform, remain with familiar school, teachers, and peers
  • Social/Emotional support with age appropriate group sessions via eLuma telehealth services.
  • Individual counseling as needed via Regional Mental Health Counselors


  • Teacher directed instruction in a Microsoft Teams classroom
  • Peer to peer engagement via Microsoft Teams platform
  • Ongoing assessment
  • Accommodations for students with 504s and IEPs
  • Same progress monitoring and assessments as Option A
  • This selection is committing to a grading period minimum; a semester maximum with an opportunity to return to your school.
  • Student collaboration through Microsoft Teams
  • Substantially similar to in-school instruction
  • Access to teachers for live interaction

What to Consider

  • Your selection is for one grading period minimum; a semester maximum (subject to change)
  • Consider your family circumstances carefully
  • Your child will fully enroll in his/her current charter school 
  • You may change your selection at certain intervals if your circumstances change
  • Instruction will follow the same daily bell schedule of your child's school
  • Consider your technology needs (devices, internet, etc.) If a loaner device is needed contact your child's school
  • You will be using a school issued Office 365 account and email
  • School assignment and grading practices apply
  • School discipline and digital citizenship rules apply
  • If this option is chosen, transition from online learning to in school learning may be subject to space availability during the first semester.